Pool Cleaning

With pool cleaning and deck re-staining services from Bella Pool Service you can impress your guests with a beautiful swimming pool and deck area. We offer swimming pool services for any occasion, and 24-hour emergency services are available.

Pool Maintenance & Service

Invite us to your pool every week. Our weekly service consists of brushing walls and flat surfaces, clean tile, vacuum, net water surface, empty skimmer and pump baskets, maintain proper water balance and sanitation. Maintain proper filtration and observe equipment efficacy including automation and salt generators. Should your pool simply need a ‘tune up’ due to water problems, you can expect proper diagnosis and remedy from years of experience on all types of pools with every kind of problem. We welcome the challenge!!

Pool Stain Removal & Pool Preparation

Don’t drain your pool when you notice an unsightly stain. In most cases, we can remove it without taking out the water. Many of the chemicals we use are environmentally safe, and there is no job too small. We also prepare your pool for the summer, and we can restore a green, black, or swamp pool to pristine swimming conditions.

Pool Decks & Enclosures

No one wants to lounge around on dirty decking. Let us provide deck cleaning and if necessary re-staining the deck to ensure your pool surroundings look inviting.  We pressure wash pool screens, decks, and enclosures, and we also clean and cover your deck with the appropriate stain. Choose from either Innovative Concrete Technologies™ or Sherwin Williams™ stains for your deck re-staining job.